Stepping Up, Walking Together

A busy night at #saskedchat
A busy night at #saskedchat – collaboration without borders

On March 6, my school division partnered with our Catholic partners for our annual Teacher’s Convention. It’s one of the few formal events that brings the two divisions together (and one of the few that brings our own together, even by itself). No matter the theme of the day, I always enjoy getting a chance to catch up colleagues and friends.

To arrive there, I chose two wonderful carpool buddies: Lindsay and Jamie. I met these at an ECE Institute in our graduate studies and have been so enriched by them both. Lindsay’s a Kindergarten teacher who carries a passionate advocacy for recognizing capability in our youngest learners; Jamie is now a Teacher-Librarian who could help even the toughest critics understand why promoting authentic reading is important for all. I enjoy their company for their friendship, but also for how much I learn from each after every conversation. Lindsay and I share a school division, but teach ten minutes away; Jamie represents RCSD and is just a little further away. Despite our close distance to one another and our many shared interests, this is the one school-sanctioned event that we get to share together.

That seems… strange.

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